Keid Engine

Desktop-only, vulkan-only and mostly Haskell.


  • Orboros β€” LD47, playable. Ported from vulkan-setup.
  • Time to think β€” LD48, unfinished. New code upstreamed to engine and reused in Orboros.
  • Swerve β€” LD49, playable.


There are some binary dependencies:

  • Platform libs (apt install build-essential libtinfo-dev or something).
  • Vulkan SDK from LunarG.
  • GLFW library (libglfw3-dev).
    • May require extra platform deps like libxinerama-dev libxxf86vm-dev libxi-dev libxcursor-dev.
  • OpenAL library (libopenal-dev) and Opus codec (libopusfile-dev).

Most of the packages are published on Hackage, you don’t need to clone all the repositories here.

But you may need to pin all the versions:

Look at game project files for configuration example, those should work with both stack and cabal builds.

Some problems may arise in Nix setups, but I don’t know anything about it. You’d better consult your local Nix guru.